Mya's ShadeTree Foundation

The purpose of Mya’s Shadetree Foundation, Inc. is to empower single parents, displaced families, and underserved young adults and adolescents to be the hero of their own stories. 

The Foundation offers a safe, confidential forum to seek free financial support, counseling/mentoring, and guidance for those in need of help/assistance. The Foundation endeavors to help those in need recapture a sense of normalcy, regain their independence, and take charge of their lives by building personal coping strategies, resources, game plans, and shared stories that support long term sustainability.

The Foundation also provides free stopgap legal advice, temporary psychiatric and social work services, immediate assistance with everyday expenses (i.e., home repairs, utilities, groceries, etc.), and access to volunteers (professionals, students, Moms, Dads, etc.) who are intimate with similar situations and who, based on their own successes and lessons learned, are ready to help the recipients navigate through and manage life’s challenges (e.g. family, work, relationships, financials, etc.).

Additionally, Mya’s Shadetree Foundation, Inc. partners with other nonprofit organizations to deliver holistic support for the well-being of families and individuals to combat poverty, and ultimately contribute to stronger, healthier communities.